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The Bests of Delhi (#Part 2- Best Street Food) July 29, 2013

Posted by Akriti Bahal in Food, India.

Umm, so okay after a week of *hard work* (yeah, it takes immense hard work to eat! eat! and eat! I most probably would have gained 2 kilos by now!:/ ), roaming places, eating (and giving marks, literally😛 ), my Delhi’s street food venture has come to an end. I’ve finally jotted down the list of my favorite street food. (It was an awesome expedition, I must say😀 ) And, here it goes (*Slurrp!* *Slurrp*😛 ) :

1.) Kheer at Bade Miyan, Chawri Bazaar

Well, those who personally know me would know that I am a huge sweet lover! And, topping that, I love kheer. Until now, I have never really liked this sweet rice pudding of anywhere else, except for my Mum’s. But, believe me when I say, you put this one in your mouth, and it will melt right there. Bade Miyan truly won me over with his smooth, creamy, dry fruit rich rice pudding. Loved it! Loved it! Hence, it finds the number 1 spot of the Delhi’s best street food in my list.
Well, to reach here by metro, you need to get down at the Chawri Bazaar metro station, walk till the Badal Beg Mosque, and opposite to it would be your sweet destination. In fact, ask anyone around, they’d guide you.😉
Oh, ya, and I love the kheer at Haveli, Murthal too. Whenever I go there, I just have that!😀


2.) Gulkand Kulfi at Kuremal Kulfiwale, Chawri Bazaar

Sorry, I’m biased towards the sweet stuffs that the Delhi’s street serves. (What to do, when my sweet tooth totally overpowers me each time.😛 ) Hence, it bags the second spot in my list, of course it might vary for each person. So, yeah, as much as I love cooking and experimenting with every edible thing possible, so does my brother (the future chef of our house! ), and he had already tried making the gulkand kulfi much before I had even come to know about this place, and it turned out pretty well (even the second time, when he forgot to add sugar😛 ). Anyway, so going to this place and seeing this on the menu, I had to try it! And, it was- freshness in your mouth. Other than that, they also serve seasonal fruits stuffed with kulfi; I tried it with mango. (Was good enough. Only sad part is that, I’m not that big of a fan of mangoes, so, yeah.)
Reaching this place is pretty easy once you reach Bade Miyan.🙂

Image3.) Chhole Bhature at Sita Ram’s, Paharganj

Recommended to me by my Mom, and no doubt worth the trouble to reach Paharganj. These Chhole Bhature are the best in Delhi. The paneer stuffed bhaturas and the piping hot chhole, indeed pleasure on a plate.😉
Other than that, since I’m a Montfortian (and fellow Montfortians would totally understand), so I’d give Montfort’s Canteen’s Chhole Bhature the title of the second best chhole bhature in Delhi.😀


4.) Keema Parantha and Rabri Parantha at Paranthe Vali Gali, Chandni Chowk

Think about street food and not go to Chandni Chowk? Well, that’s just not possible! So, there I was last week (yeah, just my second visit there), exploring its streets. And, no doubt the Paranthe Vali Gali stood out for me as well, like for everyone else. From a wide range of paranthas (I don’t eat paranthas otherwise though :p , unless we’re at some dhaba :p ) from stuffed  paneer to aloo and every other veggie possible, but what’s the best deal there is the weird ones like keema parantha and rabri parantha. (As a kid, my Mom used to make Milkmaid Paranthas for me, and they were really delicious, the latter reminded me of that. :’) Memories !! )

5.) Butter Chicken at The Dhaba, Rajouri Garden

I A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y love Butter Chicken, and what better place to have one other than at an authentic Punjabi joint with authentic Punjabi flavors!😀 Desire for creamy and *slurrpy* in your dreams?😛 Then this is the place to be. I will just recommend it, I won’t say anything else, try it and you’ll know what I mean. (*Sentimental* :’)😛 )

6.) Chocolate Lassi at Sukhdev, Murthal

I remember when I was a li’l kid and I used to hate the sweet Lassi ( I’m sorry😦😛 ), and then one day, we (my family and my relatives) happened to stop at the Sukhdev’s Dhaba at the Murthal Highway while returning from Chandigarh, and I don’t know why the item in the menu- “Chocolate Lassi” really fascinated me. And, ever since I’ve been searching for another outlet (a closeby one) that either serves chocolate lassi or serves as good as the one I had at Sukhdev’s. Well, my Street Food expedition wouldn’t have been complete if I hadn’t visited this place once again, for a last time. Loved it then, loved it now.
Though, now mostly, I fulfill my chocolate lassi yearnings by making it at home. Very simple, just add yogurt, nutella (as much as you want😉 ) and loads of ice, into a blender and blend until frothy, and there you have your very own chocolate lassi!😀


7.) Gol Gappe at Raju Chaat Bhandaar, Ashok Vihar

Now, most people would not have heard of it, but I’ve been eating their Papri Chaat and Gol Gappe ever since I was a kid. So, naturally, for me Raju Chaat Bhandaar serves the best Chaat and Gol Gappe that I’ve ever had.
Now, for others it might be Nathu’s or Haldiram’s (being more hygienic,  but then isn’t the literal meaning of street food, food that is eaten on the street? ) or BTW, but then again, it’s a personal choice.

8.) Tandoori Momos at QD’s

Not “literally” street food, but Momo’s do come under the category of street food, hence I say Tandoori Momo’s too! Tired and bored of the mundane steamed and fried momos? Then visit QD’s to have a completely different-momo-experience😛 , yeah, a crunchy one.😀 They’re delicious! Now, I usually go to the QD’s at the Hudson Lane, but it has its outlets at other places too, South Delhi, maybe, so you can drop in there too, if that’s closer.
Also, there has been a hype for quite some months now, over this (apparently) “un-named” cafe that serves Cheese Momos (un-named, because my dear friends didn’t remember the place’s name, only thing that they remembered was- “The cheese momos were verrry delicious!” So, to tell them, I found the place !😀 ) Well, it is “My Kind of Street Cafe” near IIT Delhi that serves this cheesy delicacy that makes you wanting for more!😛 (You only hold on thinking about the calories.😦😛 )

9.) Mutton Patty at Wenger’s, CP

Again, not exactly street food, but I didn’t know where exactly should I put this one, so anyways. This outlet, in the CP’s Inner Circle, serves a wide variety of bakery stuffs, that would only leave you all the more confused. Try everything one day at a time, if you have time😛 , or on my recommendation, try the Mutton Patty from there. Also the Macroons (they’ll melt in your mouth. Yum!) and the Apple Strudel.

10.) Cold Coffee at Keventer’s, CP

I’ve been going to this place since I was in school. Now, they do serve a variety of flavors in cold milk, from Chocolate to Butterscotch to Strawberry to Vanilla, but Cold Coffee is what I found to be the best, by far. As told by my Dad, it is a very old shop and has been a popular joint right from the time it opened.
Locating it might be difficult though, for those who don’t know about it, as it doesn’t really have a name board now, but then ask anyone, anyone and everyone would definitely be able to guide you.🙂

So, that’s it. Did I miss on any place, anything, in my journey for the Best Street Food of Delhi? Maybe. But, this is what I found to be the best ones, from among the WIDE variety available at every corner of the city. Surely, Delhi is a *Street Food City, and Delhiites- *Street Food Lovers*!😉
It was an awe-delicious-some journey, with many people to thank for it!😀
Next up on my list- Delhi Best Cafes! This week’s gonna be legen-wait for it-dary!😀


1. big brother - July 29, 2013

great post I’m a huge street food fan from Norway

2. Ankit - July 30, 2013

I AM BACK………:D so d fun starts 2mrw………!!!

Akriti Bahal - July 30, 2013

You didn’t miss anything, and nobody missed you.😐

Ankit - July 30, 2013

yes i know………:D

Akriti Bahal - July 30, 2013


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